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St Maarten Mullet Bay Beach, on Maho side, not far from the parking lots in front of all the Restaurants and Lounge chairs. Cupecoy Beach Club is the closest place to stay to this beach, and is also located right on Cupecoy Beach. read more →

Imagine yourself lying on the beach, under the sun with your feet in the warm sand, cool beverage in hand, relaxing and gazing out at the beautiful Caribbean sea and sky.

Suddenly, an airplane is flying just above your head!

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Like most Caribbean destinations, St. Martin and St. Maarten is wonderful for relaxing in the sand or playing in the waves, but families take note: St. Martin’s beautiful beaches are clothing-optional (especially the tourist favorite, Orient Bay). Visitors will find bathing suit-clad sunbathers along Simpson Bay and Maho Bay on the Dutch side. Also make.. read more →